The Travelers’ Tale: A novel , Paperback


Four Irish Travelers from gypsy families journey to Western China to find the 3,000-year old mummified and bejeweled head of their Celtic ancestor, taking their bare-knuckle boxing and Celtic head-banger band with them.Led by a psychotic Japanese woman with Yakuza connections, their odyssey takes them to the Taklamakan Desert of remote China. The trail to find the head ultimately leads to Hong Kong, leaving a number of dead bodies along the way. When one of the Travelers is found dead of ‘unknown causes’ in an obscure museum, finding the killer becomes one of the most challenging cases for Hong Kong homicide detectives, Ian Hamilton, Angela Cheung, and Nigel Ho, as they match wits with the Russian mob, a Nigerian evangelist, the Yakuza, and a murderous boxer.


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