The Journal Of Rabbi Levy Wang Paperback


1937, China; the Japanese Imperial Army invades China as a precursor to WWII. Three Western friends, Harry, Mischa, and Mendel, who have lived in China for decades, are about to lose everything to the onslaught. As the window of opportunity for Westerners to leave China or be interred is closing, they decide to embark on one last great adventure; to recover an ancient, lost jewel from the staff of Moses. The only clue to the whereabouts of the jewel is hidden in the cryptic journal of the disillusioned Rabbi Levy Wang who absconded with the jewel in 1916. Harry, Mischa, and Mendel race across the violent landscape of 1937 China to find the jewel, staying one step ahead of the evil forces that are also trying to obtain the jewel for its powerful provenance; a psychotic Japanese general who runs Unit 731, a deputy chief of the Nazi Gestapo, and an opium-addicted killer from the San Francisco mob. From Tianjin to Mukden to Kaifeng to Wudang Mountain and the Cave of the Immortals, Harry, Mischa, and Mendel are tested to the extreme.


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