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Dead Gweilo
The Odyssey of a Dead Gweilo

When the body of a Westerner is found in an obscure Hong Kong museum, Hong Kong homicide detectives Angela Cheung, Ian Hamilton, and Nigel Ho identify the victim as bareknuckle boxer and singer in a Celtic band, Clovis O’Sullivan, an English gypsy Traveler who had recently arrived in Hong Kong with three friends. Clovis’ body, however, briefly comes back to life on the autopsy table. He was not dead. He had been in a drug-induced catatonic trance. By the time he came back to consciousness, the coroner had already opened him up: death by autopsy. Hong Kong homocide detectives Hamilton, Cheung, and Ho have their most intriguing case yet, and a chase that leads to Western China and the Celtic mummies of the Taklamakan desert.

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David Harris Lang

I am not one of those writers (I am sure that they exist) who plot out a story and outline before they write. When I start a chapter, I really have only a general idea of where it might lead. I am as surprised as the reader when I finally find out what happens. This is part of the joy of writing for me. When I write I also feel a connection to ‘a muse’, or ‘other energy’ that writes through me, as if I am not the real writer, only the medium through which the story is written. This was particularly true when I wrote The Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang. The story, which took place in 1937 China, was based on the experiences of my father and grandfather who were fur traders in Tianjin from 1923 to 1937 (Harry and Henry Cohen in the book, Harry and Henry Lang in real life). I most definitely felt connected to the spirits of my dad and grandfather when I wrote the story.

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